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There are many types of stains and teeth problems that can be remedied with a teeth whitening procedure. Teeth whitening can be accomplished at home or at your local dentist office and often takes care of both extrinsic and intrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are usually caused by dark-colored foods and/or beverages, while intrinsic stains normally result from trauma to the teeth or aging. Teeth whitening can improve or remove at least 7 different types of stains and discoloration. 1. Aging - As our teeth age, they are subject to all types of staining, exposure to minerals and chemicals and general wear and tear, usually resulting in discoloration. 2. Food stains - When darkly colored foods and beverages are consumed on a regular basis, teeth can lose their natural color and become dark and dull. 3. Smoking – Nicotine leaves behind darkish brown deposits that soak into the teeth and leave behind darkening and discoloration. 4. Natural color – During younger years, teeth are formed with a unique shade of white. Often, this color is darker or more yellow than an individual would prefer. 5. Chemical exposure – Teeth are exposed to many chemicals over a lifetime that may lead to staining, darkening or mottling. 6. Grinding – Pressure from excessive teeth grinding can lead to small cracks in the teeth which can trap food and may stain as a result. 7. Accidents or injuries – Any type of trauma that affects the teeth can lead to a buildup of food and debris, causing certain areas to darken. How Teeth Whitening Can Help Teeth whitening can improve many of these conditions by changing the color of stains, brightening darker areas and evening out mottled conditions. Depending upon the severity of the stains or discoloration, patients may require more than one treatment, but considerable improvement can be experienced. At-home kits may provide more convenience, while teeth whitening at a dentist’s office could lead to results more quickly.
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We offer 2 types of teeth whitening

Philips Zoom

Take home system

Take home system geared for people who want a affordable solution. Custom trays are fabricated to fit your teeth.  Wear at home overnight or 2 hours daily. Optimum results within two weeks.  

Pola office plus

In office system

In office system geared for people who want a immediate solution   Results are immediate after a 1.5 hours visit.  Results are then improved with a 2 hours daily wear  for 1 week.