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A root canal is a common procedure that can be done by a dentist. It is performed when a tooth has a large amount of internal decay or is infected. The procedure is done by drilling a hole in the tooth and removing the pulp, nerve and any infection that may be present. Once everything inside the problem tooth is removed, the space is filled with a sealer paste and a filling is used to seal the outside portion of the tooth. Some teeth that have had a root canal will need to have a crown or other procedure in conjunction to a root canal, depending on the level of decay and infection in the tooth. A dentist can perform a root canal when the damage to the tooth is within their comfort level and this will depend on the individual dentist. The dentist will be able to tell the individual up front if they will be able to perform the root canal on the tooth. If the dentist can’t do the procedure, they will refer the patient to an endodonist. An endodonist specializes in the internal parts of teeth and are a great choice for performing more in depth root canals where there is a large infection or a lot of decay in the tooth. Choosing to have the dentist do the root canal or be referred out to an endodonist is an important decision for the patient and can vary from situation to situation. Once a root canal is completed, the tooth will be back in working order and should have no pain. The procedure leaves no lasting marks or large fillings and can be performed on any tooth, including front teeth, without showing any obvious dental work has been done.  The root canal will save the tooth and provide the desired relief for the patient.

Root Canal Therapy

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